The management, in order to be  competitive and reliable on the market and to satisfy the customer, applies and maintains active since 1998 a Quality System in accordance to UNI EN ISO 9000:2000- ISO 9001:2008.

The product is checked during all the production steps obtaining a result that satisfies the customer without disregard the environmental impact.

The management has properly trained the staff in order to comply with the procedures, checking the exact application of the Quality rules that involve the whole structure.

Is NUOVA ROAD’s philosophy the achievement of the highest level of quality of his products and services offered.


Nuova Road S.r.l.
Via Berlinguer, 11
27010 Torrevecchia Pia (PV) Italy
Tel. +39 0382 68605

Care to the enviroment

The attention for the environment is a definite choice: NUOVA ROAD is conform to world rules and especially of European Union for the respect of the environment and of the work life, for this fits perfectly in the requests of his european partners.