The new plant in Torrevecchia Pia is designed in order to manage and to co-ordinate all the production  phases, to optimize the processing steps – assembling – logistic.
The actual location is  in the middle of 12.000 sqm, the plant was designed and built just to be bright and environment friendly.
Due to the business line of Denti’s family, the Society is one of the first in Italy to use the TRANSFER, very latest and advanced technology for high production.
The company always invests in research and keep constant very high quality standard level; the last machinery was bought in 2007.
The quality is managed through strict procedures of Quality Total System, essential guide in the daily connection raw materials – production – final customer.
Today NUOVA ROAD, thanks to the high industrial automation which exalts dynamism and quality, is a reality presents both in Italian territory and worldwide.


NUOVA ROAD is careful to the packaging of its products, offering box q.ty suitable to the customer request

The plant is located in the industrial area of Torrevecchia Pia (Pavia) S.S. 412 Valtidone, 10 kms. from the main highways, a good position for the transport of products in Italy and abroad.
Into the plant the departments are located so as to make the production lay-out efficient and of easy identification.